Instructions for judicial candidates seeking endorsement from Fresno County Women Lawyers:

If you are interested in seeking the endorsement of Fresno County Women Lawyers please email with your response to the following questions. This information will be shared with the Fresno County Women Lawyers Board of Directors. The Board will make a determination as to the approval or rejection of the request. After a determination is made, and if the judicial candidate is approved for endorsement, the FCWL Board President will submit the name of the candidate to the Central Valley Unity Bar for their consideration of endorsement.

Current FCWL board members are ineligible to receive judicial endorsements from FCWL.


  1. Are you a member of Fresno County Women Lawyers?
  2. Briefly describe what contributions you have made to women in the legal field.
  3. Briefly describe why it would be important for you to have the endorsement of Fresno County Women Lawyers.

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